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Challenges of Nepalese Artists, Nation and Beyond!

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Challenges of Nepalese Artists, Nation and Beyond! Challenges of Nepalese Artists, Nation and Beyond! Challenges of Nepalese Artists, Nation and Beyond!

Challenges of Nepalese Artists, Nation and Beyond!

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A significant number of Nepalese nationals are living overseas, and the trend is increasing. Despite leaving their birthplace, they have taken their language, culture, and art to the foreign land along with them. They cherish their heritage in parallel with their home country celebrating various festivals and gatherings. Art and music play dominant role in our culture specifically the majority of Nepalese diaspora appreciate and enjoy folk songs and music as it is the essence of our remote hills, terrains, and mountains. The advancement of technology has helped spread our culture, music, in every possible way.

The trend of Nepali artists visiting overseas for various musical programs has also increased in the recent years. Various artists and musicians are heartly welcomed and offered a decent amount of money in foreign land. Such frequent trips of Nepalese artist across the globe helps promote Nepali music and culture. Most importantly, the second generation born overseas get close exposure to their home country’s art and music.

Even though Nepali artists get name and fame from their music and art’s success when it comes to financial matter, they are not sound enough to sustain their life and stardom. However, recent sources of income such as YouTube, advertisements, royalties are minimum as the expenses are higher. Thus, to overcome this, artist longs to visit overseas because it can be a good opportunity to earn foreign currency along with the sponsored trips and accommodation. However, such trips might not be as easy as it seems.

The incidents of being attacked by crowd audience during the live performances are occasionally experienced on national and international stages. With regards to domestic programs, the attacks are possible due to huge crowd and poor security arrangements. In many cases artists are bullied, thrown stones, bottles, and chairs, and even strangled. Artists are well prepared for such situations as it comes simultaneously as they are a public figure, and it is not always necessary that the huge mass is only filled with their admirers. However, artists do have to face such instances in international events as well. There are various reasons behind such experiences.

Amateur Organizers

Many of the artists rely on their friends or relatives who do not have specific ideas on how to organize such events and the possible challenges. In addition, they do not select the venue that is appropriate for performances as such advanced venues are expensive with good security. Such organizers tend to sell as many tickets as they can and choose a normal community hall that doesn’t have large spaces to maintain a certain distance from artists to audiences. This results in close contact with artists which can be challenging to artist to perform. Most likely the artists are not well- paid despite a huge amount collected from the audience which is unfair to the artists.

Poor Security

It is well- known that such privately organized programs are not informed to the local government which results in the lack of proper security in the venue. Moreover, the arrangements of security can add to their expenses of the programs which will deduct the residual income. Since there is no restriction of movement, food, and beverages the audience is most likely to get drunk and create havoc in the environment resulting in attacking artists and fellow participants in the program.

Over expectation of Artist

The artist performing on the stage assumes that the organizers will be able to maintain the environment, however, many of the times the situation goes beyond their control. This can result being thrown bottles, food, stones etc. at the artist. Similarly, artists might not be able to entertain audiences in a continuous way as their performance may have a gap in the audience’s emotions and demands which can be disappointing and result in severe injuries.

Impatient Audiences

Audiences tend to attend such programs with a full sense of enjoyment, when they realize there is a gap in between their choice and artist’s performance there could be dissatisfaction. Some of the audiences may get violent due to consumption of excessive alcohol as there is no restriction due to lack of security and supervision. The interference of the audience on stage is common as there are not well- maintained stages with an ideal space. In other words, audiences living abroad have good opportunity to get closer contacts with artists which can create problems.

Since artists are the ornaments of a nation and they represent our nation, the organizers must be serious about the sound arrangement of such events. Artists are required to take part in such events that are organized by registered event organizers and seek ample security. Likewise, the audience need to be respectful and patient towards the artists.